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I just got this email from one Magento Hosting Provider – SimpleHelix which I mentioned before:

Dear XXXX,

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is already here? Thanksgiving is an American holiday that celebrates the spirit of giving. Thanksgiving is this Thursday (November 26th, 2009) and we at SimpleHelix hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of giving, we want to offer you a special “Black Friday” deal. This Friday, we are offering 50% of EVERYTHING! You heard right, EVERYTHING from shared hosting, dedicated servers, domain registration, domain transfers, SSLs, IPs, upgrades, and more. If you want to take part in this great savings event, just use the promotional code “SUPERsavings” during checkout. This will take 50% off of your first month’s payment! Don’t miss out!

Happy Holidays,

Simple Helix, LLC

So the link is here:

Simplehelix is my favor hosting company for Magento.

I am not sure how many people use their services.But they are quite well, I mean, the price for this Specs….And the performance, it is fast, fast & fast for Magento.

Here are $20 plan:
* $20 / mo
* High Performance web hosting for up to 10 Domains
* 50 gigs of premium (intelligent routing) data bandwidth
* 5 gb of Lightning-quick SAS 15k5 Disk Space!
* For Medium Traffic sites (around 1k to 10k hits/day)

I introduced two clients use them, and they also said it is good.
So I recommend it to you, hope you like it also.

You can try it first within 30 days refund.


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